[cfe-users] C/C++ system include dirs when cross-compiling

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Hi Patrick,

This is a common case when cross compiling, so clang knows how to use a
gcc-toolchain installation: you just have to pass it the "--sysroot=..."
and "--toolchain=..." arguments, and it will get the header files and
linker / assembler for your target --- assuming your gcc-toolchain has a
standard layout.

Kind regards,

On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 4:22 PM, Patrick Boettcher via cfe-users <
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> Hi list,
> I'm using clang to cross-compile for a sparc-target.
> Except for the compiler I (seem to) rely entirely on gcc-tools (ld,
> asm). I doing this by passing the -B
> <path-to-gcc-toolchain> - flag to clang.
> I'm now facing an issue where I would like to have clang use the
> c++-system-includes of my gcc-installation.
> When I dump the considered include-dirs with
>   echo | sparc-elf-gcc -nostdlib -xc++ -E -Wp,-v - -fsyntax-only
> I'm getting a list of all the paths I'm looking for. Doing the same
> with clang (even with the -B-flag) having the -target-flag set, the
> list is empty.
> What is the proper way to let clang now where to find the
> system-includes in cross-compilation scenarios?
> I'm now using a script which generates -isystem-arguments which based
> on a list generated with a call as shown above.
> Should the list be derived from the -B-argument?
> best regards,
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> Patrick.
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