[cfe-users] CLANG 3.7 and Visual Studio Compile

Karl DeJean via cfe-users cfe-users at lists.llvm.org
Fri Apr 22 10:44:29 PDT 2016

Hello Everyone at LLVM board,


I have subscribed to the board, but have not received my membership yet.  


I have two questions I've been trying to solve.


I have been running around on the internet in circles, trying to find an
answer to my question.  I am developing a desktop command line application,
that will run without the Visual Studio IDE.  The backend of the application
uses Clang 3.7 to scan code and dump an AST into a file.  One of my source
files need to recognize a CArray, which is part of the Microsoft Foundation
Classes.  Clang does not recognize the CArray.  I can point to the MFC
include directory that has the file "afxtempl.h" and it will compile, but if
I am running on a machine without Visual Studio installed, it will not be
there.  I've downloaded the LLVM and CLANG source code and compiled it.  Is
there a way to get CLANG to use the MFC library in my stand alone




Karl J. DeJean

Software Engineer

Gnostech Inc.


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