[cfe-users] Error regarding link and including boost threads

Alexander Heistermann via cfe-users cfe-users at lists.llvm.org
Wed Aug 26 07:34:49 PDT 2015

Hi, I was attempting to compile spring development version at
https://springrts.com/ using clang-cl with the /fallback and
-fms-compatibility-version=19.00.23026 flags as cl compiler can't compile
some of the libaries as clang-cl can and vis versa. The error message the
stop the compile process is this.
I'm not sure to what to make of this. I can reproduce the bug by merely
include the boost header and lib built by cl,  in a separate program.
Regardless, is this bug the result of  lacking features that clang-cl
needed compatibility wise, or am I doing something when setting up clang-cl.

Msvc: 2015
clang-cl: built from trunk
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