[cfe-users] Enable C++11 flag by default in clang?

Matthias Maier tamiko+LLVM at kyomu.43-1.org
Fri Jul 11 03:24:29 PDT 2014

Am 11. Jul 2014, 11:34 schrieb Csaba Raduly <rcsaba at gmail.com>:

> That might not work from make; by default SHELL=/bin/sh and not bash
> You might be better off with a shell script, named e.g. clang++11,
> placed somewhere in the PATH, containing:
> exec clang++ -std=c++11 $*

Given the fact that compiler and compile flags are usually easily
(permanently) adjustable in a Makefile there is not much point in doing

I assumed that the original question was about an easy way for a default
parameter on the command line.


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