[cfe-users] Running 'scan-build' in SRD's test cases (NIST)

Edoardo P. ed0.88.prez at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 07:19:57 PST 2014

Hi, Lucas, Jordan:

About the division by zero checking, I run this:

scan-build --use-analyzer /usr/bin/clang -o buildres/ clang -c -I
testcasesupport -DOMITGOOD
-o /dev/null

and I get the warnng:

warning: Division by zero
    printIntLine(100 / data);

So, Lucas, which file was failing for you?

Regarding the experience, here it is what I gathered till now:

I created a very huge file_list.txt, containing the source files to compile
(I used 'find -name *.c*' in the juliet directory), then filtered away the
'main\.c', 'main_linux\.c' and 'testcasesupport' files (grep -v), which
have nothing to check, then I sorted the list by CWE number (I had to do
manual sorting because I couldn't manage to sort, for example, CWE15_* and
CWE114_* correctly).

Since I can't check for win32-only tests (I'm using linux), I filtered them
via 'grep -v w32' and 'grep -v wchar_t' (some tests require a 'fopen'-like
function with wchar_t string, which seems to be exclusive to win32).

Regarding the per-translation-unit analysis, some files are, indeed,
separated sources for a program, so I didn't hesitate to filter them with
these patterns, according to the manual: "[abcdeBG]\.c" and "good1" (last
was associated with a 'bad' file, which was already filtered).

With this file_lists.txt, I run the static analyzer only for the false
positives, with this command:

< file_list.txt xargs -n 1 scan-build --use-analyzer /usr/bin/clang
-disable-checker deadcode.DeadStores -o buildres/ clang -c -I
testcasesupport -DOMITBAD -o /dev/null > /dev/null 2> warns.txt

so, it checks all the files in the file list, saves the results in buildres
and reports the warnings in warns.txt file, ignoring the DeadStores warns
because they're reported a lot often.

Well, there are tons of false positives, caused by the flow variants which
involve global and static variables, shadow variables usage, etc.

To the devs, I'd like to know which CWE are you interested, from the list I
attached on that email:
http://lists.cs.uiuc.edu/pipermail/cfe-dev/2014-February/035113.html .

About the results, if I have more time, I'll post some of them.

2014-02-18 2:05 GMT+01:00 Lucas Kanashiro <kanashiro.duarte at gmail.com>:

> Thanks Jordan!
> Could you leave me updated on the matter? I am so interested in this,
> and if it is necessary and possible i want to help to solve the
> potential issue.
> Edward, can you tell us your experience with Clang and Juliet Test
> Suite?
> On Mon, 2014-02-17 at 09:43 -0800, Jordan Rose wrote:
> > Hi, Lucas. The analyzer currently runs a per-translation-unit analysis,
> so it misses some bugs that whole-program analysis may be able to catch.
> I'm guessing that's the reason it's unable to catch this particular issue.
> >
> > In general, the analyzer is set for reasonably fast turnaround
> (depending on the size of the project, of course), so it also might not do
> a fully precise interprocedural analysis if the state space gets too big.
> I'd have to see the particular test case to tell what's going on here.
> >
> > I did see that Edward (CC'd) wanted to try bringing in the Juliet Test
> Suite for the analyzer, but neither I nor Ted (the lead on the analyzer)
> have gotten the chance to sit down and look at what this would actually
> entail. It's possible he's encountered similar issues, however.
> >
> > Jordan
> >
> >
> > On Feb 15, 2014, at 5:58 , Lucas Kanashiro <kanashiro.duarte at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > > I am trying to running 'scan-build' in Juliet suite testcase v1.2 (NIST
> > > indication) to catch some bugs of 'Division by zero' (CWE 369) and I
> > > can't do it, the scan-build can't show me the existing bugs. Did
> someone
> > > try to do it yet?
> > >
> > > I have a doubt that scan-build can identify a bug of division by zero
> in
> > > this case (when parameter denominator is zero):
> > >
> > > int divide (int denominator) {
> > >     return 10/denominator;
> > > }
> > >
> > > Can someone help me? Is this a deficiency of scan-build? Can scan-build
> > > identify the bugs in Juliet suite?
> > >
> > > Thanks in advance!
> > >
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