[cfe-users] Building clang with "relative incldue paths"

Kevin Ingwersen ingwie2000 at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 13 04:52:07 PST 2014

Hello there.

I would like to embed clang into one of my projects, a more automated build system. Since I prefer Clang over GCC, I would like to use it. But for that to work properly, I would need to change the order of folders that are searched for libs and includes by default, so it would look similar to:

	- /path/to/clang/../includes
	- /usr/include
	- …

That is, because the tool comes with some pre-compiled libraries and their headers - so i want those to be seen before the system ones.

What config option can I pass to have that work? I see that clang does that in the apple toolchain, and no matter where I place it, the path to the binary is always correct. So I guess its able to resolve the full path to itself, and then append the relative path to the includes, or libs.

How can I achieve this?

Kind regards, Ingwie! ^^

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