[cfe-users] Can't get address of member-function

salvatore benedetto salvatore.benedetto at gmail.com
Sun May 19 01:57:49 PDT 2013

Hi there,

first of all, I know the following should not be done usually, but I'm working
with C++ on a bare-metal project and it seems not to be forbidden by
the standard.

I need to get the address of a non-static member function and assign
it to an integer variable.

class MyClass
        //someAddress = (uint32_t)&run; // This works OK with static
member function
        someAddress = (uint32_t)reinterpret_cast<void (*)()>(&MyClass::run);


    //static void run()
    void run()

    uint32_t someAddress;

This code compiles with a warning with GCC, but I get the following
error with clang 3.2

address_of_member_function.cpp:10:33: error: reinterpret_cast from
'void (MyClass::*)()' to 'void (*)()' is not allowed
        someAddress = (uint32_t)reinterpret_cast<void (*)()>(&MyClass::run);

Is this a bug in clang or am I missing something?


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