[cfe-users] LLVM/Clang research questions

Brent Gregory Roth brent.gregory.roth at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 15:35:12 PDT 2013


First, my apologies if I have incorrectly used any of these lists.

I'm sending this email in order to get some help on where in the
codebases for LLVM and/or Clang I should be looking in order to
accomplish the following:

- create 4 additional memory segment
- - 2 to be used as "additional stacks"
- - 2 to be used as "additional heaps"

- modify the stack frame and stack pointer registers (in order to make
use of the 2 "additional stacks")

- modify segment descriptors, as needed, to support reads/writes to the
additional segments

- modify which stack variables go to which of the three stacks
- - same for heaps

Thank you.


~Brent Roth~

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