[cfe-dev] Sancov output for sanitizer coverage

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Fri Sep 24 01:28:49 PDT 2021


according to https://clang.llvm.org/docs/SanitizerCoverage.html#default-implementation clang provides default implementations for the trace callback functions to create sancov files. Can you tell me where in the code these functions are defined and if there is a backport for gcc?

SanitizerCoverage — Clang 13 documentation<https://clang.llvm.org/docs/SanitizerCoverage.html#default-implementation>
extern "C" void __sanitizer_cov_pcs_init (const uintptr_t * pcs_beg, const uintptr_t * pcs_end) {// [pcs_beg,pcs_end) is the array of ptr-sized integers representing // pairs [PC,PCFlags] for every instrumented block in the current DSO. // Capture this array in order to read the PCs and their Flags. // The number of PCs and PCFlags for a given DSO is the same as the number // of 8-bit counters ...

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