[cfe-dev] Process for merging extensions into clang?

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On Wed, Sep 8, 2021 at 10:08 AM Andrew Tomazos via cfe-dev
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> Dear Clang folks, [Cc: Richard]
> We're developing a non-standard C++ core language extension in clang under a `-f<feature>` flag and we'd like to propose merging the flag and feature into the main branch of llvm/llvm-project git so that it will ship (off-by-default of course) in the next release of clang.  Can you tell me to whom we would address this proposal?  and who has the authority to accept or reject it?

It's a community decision whether to accept or reject a proposed
feature. We have some documentation on the subject here:

If it's a "sizeable" extension (adding a new, novel datatype or syntax
production), I'd recommend proposing it as an RFC to cfe-dev to gauge
community interest, get design questions answered, etc. Having a patch
already queued up can help with the RFC, but isn't required if you
want community input on decisions before submitting a patch. If it's a
"tiny" extension (like adding a new attribute or a new builtin), then
a full RFC may not be necessary and you can go right to discussing the
feature in the patch review.


> Cheers,
> Andrew.
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