[cfe-dev] Clang defects that were fixed but still show up as Open

Joerg Sonnenberger via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jul 2 04:57:17 PDT 2021

On Fri, Jul 02, 2021 at 08:58:44AM +0000, Chirca, Valentin-Catalin (Valentin) via cfe-dev wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> My name is Valentin Chirca and I am a compiler engineer at Wind River.
> We have been working on classifying clang defects for functional safety
> lately. While doing this we found some clang defects that appear to be
> fixed but are not marked so in Bugzilla. We would like to mark those
> defects as Resolved-Fixed, with a link to https://godbolt.org/ showing
> that the issue is no longer reproducible. Would that be ok or is there
> anything else that needs to be done for those cases?

I'd prefer to not reference an external service here. If you can spend
the time, check if there is an existing test case covering the fixed
case and just point to it, otherwise even add a new one and referencing
that one.


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