[cfe-dev] 1 week until 13.0.0-rc2 release

Tom Stellard via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Aug 17 21:57:24 PDT 2021


There is only 1 week until the 13.0.0-rc2 release.  If you have fixes
you want to get into the release please file a bug and put release-13.0.0
in the 'blocks' field.

The current plan is to accept fixes until 13.0.0-rc3, which is planned for 2 weeks
after 13.0.0-rc2, but the earlier we get the fixes in to the branch, the better.

Below is the current list of outstanding release blockers.  Remember, we do
time based releases for LLVM, so we will release even if not all of these bugs
are fixed.  If you see a bug on the list that impacts you that you want fixed,
you can help by either trying to fix the bug yourself or trying to find someone
else who can fix it.

Bug              | Summary                                            | Status
llvm.org/PR50579 | libomp 12.0.0 introduces assertion failure when ru | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51207 | Can no longer set custom section flags in LLVM IR  | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51292 | New ExecutionEngine/OrcLazy tests segfault on 32-b | No Fix
llvm.org/PR49345 | MemorySanitizer: use-of-uninitialized-value in std | No Fix
llvm.org/PR50536 | llvm-ml.exe is not included in Windows binaries    | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51403 | [openmp] runtime/test/affinity/Output/redetect.c t | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51404 | 'Clang :: Driver/rocm-detect.hip' fails on Gentoo  | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51115 | Fail to build recent llvm checkout,  CMAKE_LINKER- | No Fix
llvm.org/PR50112 | MemorySanitizer: use-of-uninitialized-value in std | No Fix
llvm.org/PR46190 | LLDB won't build with standalone (non-Xcode) comma | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51347 | Adding notes about the-ffp-model=precise           | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51431 | Option -latomic incorrectly passed to Linux RHEL t | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51442 | Regression since "Do not create LLVM IR `constant` | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51125 | wrong code at -O1 and above on x86_64-linux-gnu    | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51470 | [clang-format] functions without argument names ar | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51485 | Unnecesary use of incorrect cast in InstructionCom | No Fix
llvm.org/PR51339 | Regression: clang-13 fatally fails when Fortran fl | Fix Needs Clarification
llvm.org/PR51441 | bugprone-easily-swappable-parameters: Crash when p | Fix Needs Clarification
llvm.org/PR51346 | Clang changed -ffp-contract flag to "on", breaking | Fix Needs Clarification
llvm.org/PR51460 | New compile time regressions (12 vs 13) on znver3  | Fix Needs Clarification
llvm.org/PR51393 | Backport D107537 to 13.x                           | Patch Under Review
llvm.org/PR51430 | libc++ Test failures for 13.0.0-rc1 on PowerPC     | Patch Under Review
llvm.org/PR51426 | Please pull-up d4ce9e463d51 for llvm-13            | Cherry-pick Conflicts
llvm.org/PR51496 | Backport mingw fixes for compiler-rt profile libra | Cherry-pick Conflicts
llvm.org/PR51313 | ARM crash when using `__sync_bool_compare_and_swap | Testing
llvm.org/PR51438 | Unconditional use of NT_GNU_BUILD_ID breaks Solari | Ready
llvm.org/PR51281 | [X86][AVX] Incorrect decoding of constant vector d | Testing
llvm.org/PR51476 | [AArch64] Peephole pass incorrectly removes compar | Testing


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