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>> I feel this is something that clang-format could be made to easily
>> handle. This RFC is about gaining a general consensus to let us try. We
>> feel we can add even more value.
>> Anyone who knows me, knows I'm very much pro "clang-format all the things"
> I agree with most of the sentiment in this thread, too. clang-format can
> be dangerous but it can also be so much more.
> I have been using clang-format on editors, pre-commit checks and ninja
> targets for a quite a while and I think it's a fundamental development
> tool. With it, style comments stop being a personal conversation and become
> tooling.
> I would like to see a world where there are no more long styling documents
> with personal angst in all projects, just a clang-format config file.
> I'm in favour of increasing the potency of clang-format. Quick checks can
> be done on save, more expensive ones as ninja targets and even more
> expensive ones as CI.
> To me, the discussion of defaults and perils must be clear to all users
> and documentation may not be the best way: I've never read the clang-format
> documentation.
> Another problem of clang-format is that there are so many options but not
> many people know enough of them.
> Yet another problem of clang-format is that its behaviour is different for
> the same options over different versions. We're stuck on clang-format-9,
> not because it's "the best" but because re-formatting the whole tree every
> time a new tool comes out is silly.
> So a good solution to all of these problems is to generate a default
> configuration file with all the options and comments on each one of them,
> including "this changes non-whitespace code", "this is quite slow", "if
> this breaks code, here's how to fix", etc, and setting all of them to the
> default value.
> We also nee to be able to update the config file with new options without
> destroying the old (often modified) ones, and make sure new versions only
> do new things if the config is different.
> I know, configuration management and backwards compatibility aren't
> trivial, but managing clang-format over time isn't either, and it should.
> Well, it should, if it wants to be a catch-all tool to do all the things.

clang-format is designed to run on changed lines, not to have all code be
compliant. You can use it for the latter, but I think it's a pretty
fundamental difference in development goals.

> cheers,
> --renato
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