[cfe-dev] Determining Static vs Dynamic Dispatch

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I found this by setting a breakpoint on "llvm::CallInst::CallInst" and
looking around at the two call instructions created in your example - it
looks like Clang's IR generation tests whether the call is qualified to
decide whether it can call virtually or not:


On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 4:35 PM Gregory Malecha via cfe-dev <
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> Hello --
> I'm working on a tool that gives a formal semantics to the clang C++
> abstract syntax tree (the project is available here:
> github.com/bedrocksystems/cpp2v). I'm working on adding support for
> virtual functions and I'm trying to understand whether a call in the AST is
> a static call or a dynamic call and I'm having difficulty figuring out how
> to do it reliably. Here's a simple program:
> struct A {
>   virtual int foo() { return 100; }
> };
> struct B : public A {
>   virtual int foo() { return 10; }
> };
> int test(B* b) {
>   return b->foo() + b->B::foo();
> }
> From what I understand (and what the compiler does) the left call
> `b->foo()` uses dynamic dispatch to resolve `foo` in the most derived class
> of the argument B. But the call on the right always calls B::foo (returning
> 10) regardless of the most derived class of B. However, I don't understand
> what function I can call on the CXXMemberCallExpr node that
> distinguishes these two cases. getMethodDecl, getRecordDecl, and
> getImplicitObjectArgument all seem to return the exact same information.
> How does clang differentiate between these two calls in order to get the
> correct behavior?
> Thanks in advance for any pointers.
> --
> gregory malecha
> gmalecha.github.io
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