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Hi Tom,

We just upstreamed machine instruction model for Marvell's upcoming processor ThunderX3. This link is  https://reviews.llvm.org/D78129/new/

Our customers asked us if we can put it on 10.0.1 release as that will meet their immediate need. They also want it onto LLVM 9.0.2 -- not sure if there is a plan for it.

Can we put it in? What should we do?


Wei Zhao
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Subject: [EXT] [llvm-dev] LLVM 10.0.1-rc1 release update

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All the patches for LLVM 10.0.1-rc1 have been merged, and I'm just waiting for the CI jobs to finish.  I will tag the release tomorrow if all goes well.

Don't worry if you have a change that didn't make it into LLVM 10.0.1-rc1, there is still another month to merge changes before LLVM 10.0.1-rc2.


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