[cfe-dev] LibC functions redefined by the user

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Mon May 4 08:01:00 PDT 2020

Hi Michael, Johannes,

I'm creating a new thread since my question would be slightly out-of-topic
in the original discussion about function attributes:


If my reading of the C standard is correct, it is UB to redefine libc
functions: "If the program declares or defines an identifier in a context
in which it is reserved (other than as allowed by 7.1.4), or defines a
reserved identifier as a macro name, the behavior is undefined." (

Michael mentioned this in the original thread:

> Frontends are supposed to add a "nobuiltin" attribute to functions that
do not correspond to the semantics of the C library function with the same

I don't think it was implied that the frontend can argue about the
semantics of a function, was it?

There is a "-fno-builtin-<value> family of clang CLI options that forbid
the compiler to convert libc calls into intrinsics. Is it correct to say
that the only way for the user to define their `memcpy` and avoid UB is to
pass "-fno-builtin-memcpy" to the compiler?


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