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I  have some experience with Phabricator as I maintain our own instance at
the company I work for, but I'm not a googler, I can help to a certain
extent, but mine doesn't take too much of my time but then I'm not
supporting the 20,307 users LLVM has on here.

Here is some short term advice:

1) We are way behind, I'd be quite nervous about doing an online upgrade
(which is what I normally do) because there is a fairly lengthy database
conversion that goes on when the schema changes and it has (alot)
      its worthwhile reviewing https://secure.phabricator.com/w/changelog/
2) We'd want to run a trail upgrade incase the conversion failed, I've seen
on the Phabricator forum some people coming from along way back having more
problems.I tend to live at trunk and upgrade short;y after @epriestly does,
I know just enough PHP to get me out of trouble.
3) The do a pretty good job at going from version to version, there is a
series of sql conversion script
4) The main source of issues we face is from extensions, from time to time
evan refactors code and it can refactor the base class from under us, but
it doesn't normally take long to get back to where you were before. (having
no extensions is by far the best way)
5) I think there would be significant downtime (hours)  whilst it did the
conversion and schema validation (you need to prepared for that)
6) In particular there were significant changes around 1.5 years ago to do
with autoclosing of reviews, database identities and arc is undergoing some
significant changes too recently.
7) There are a number of improvement to the code review mechanism
especially recently where you can actually suggest code edits inline (which
is really nice)

My work means I tend to only get runs at LLVM from time to time, so feel I
can't own this task, but I'm happy to help others.


On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 1:48 PM Aaron Ballman via cfe-dev <
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> On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 5:23 PM Fangrui Song via cfe-dev
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> > I have done some system administration before. I'd like to share the
> > work if someone else (Shaoib?) wants to take over the maintenance.
> > A bit more details on what the maintenance work entails will help a lot.
> I'm not able to commit to helping with this, but I *greatly*
> appreciate that you (and others) are offering to step up to take over
> the maintenance of Phab. Having used both services and with a strong
> preference for performing reviews using Phab over GitHub PRs, this is
> a huge boon.
> ~Aaron
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