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I don't think this is necessary anymore!  We aren't forking the cc1 in a separate process anymore I think.

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yep, just like any other program/debugger

You do have to be careful about debugging the clang driver versus the clang frontend - either run clang -### and run the resulting -cc1 command line under the debugger, or set "fork-follow-mode child" to have the debugger follow the frontend process from the driver process.
(I usually do the former)

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> I’m not sure we have a guide anywhere, but its just like debugging any other program with GDB.  Make sure you’ve built with debug symbols, and have at it.  There are some tips (many things have a .dump method that prints some interesting info, and we also have some pretty-printers for gdb in llvm/utils/gdb-scripts/prettyprinters.py), but otherwise you just use GDB like normal.
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> Hello Team,
> I would like to know that Is it possible to debug LLVM-clang with GDB?
> If yes, please point out the steps or wiki page.
> Regards,
> Nadaf.
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