[cfe-dev] Fixed point and floating point comparision

Gousemoodhin Nadaf via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jun 12 21:22:39 PDT 2020

When a comparison is made between the* fixed point and floating point*, the
result is unspecified. Reference N1169 4.1.4 (Type conversion, usual
arithmetic conversions).

In code, for fixed-point number, handleFixedPointConversion()(SemaExpr.cpp)
is called,  I need to return unspecified.

*   handleFixedPointConversion()  {    if ((LHS is fixed point && RHS is
floating point)  OR (RHS is fixed point && LHS is floating point)  )
return unspecified.    }*

please let me know If anyone has idea, how to return unspecified or handle
an unspecified case in UsualArithmeticConversions.

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