[cfe-dev] PE/COFF for MIPS

valerij zaporogeci via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun Feb 23 18:40:59 PST 2020

Hi. Is it possible to have a clang/llvm build that both would support
MIPS architecture and PE/COFF format for object files and executables?
without the need to change the code base, of course. just with proper
configuration. So that one can use PE DLL import/export for modules
instead of ELF shared objects. Initially I have been thinking on
creating an ELF->PE translator, but it quickly became obvious, that
it's not practical - because it's the compiler, that needs to
understand declspec(dllimport/dllexport).
I am not a compiler guy, so making changes in such huge projects as
gcc or clang are out of my scope. I am working on firmware/osdev hobby
projects for a mips32r2 board (among ARM ones) and would be very happy
to use such a familiar, useful and handy PE/COFF format for

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