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Thu Dec 17 16:21:39 PST 2020

Hi All,

Another update on this topic: Currently three patches have been approved, thanks for all reviewers’ time and efforts :-)

Here are the remaining patches:
 - Patch 1/8 D88385: Got one LGTM, however I believe Jessica Clarke (jrtc27) (CC-ed here) is listed as blocker. Does anyone here know the best way to contact Jessica? Since the patch has been blocked for quite a long time and pinging @jrtc27 on Phab didn’t seem to work
 - Patch 3/8 D88389   (Basic .td files)
 - Patch 4/8 D88390   (MC layer)
 - Patch 5/8 D88391   (Target lowering)
 - Patch 6/8 D88392   (IR Tests)

Except Patch 6, which only has minor formatting issues to fix, I didn’t see any major objections or concerns on other patches at this time point.

In addition to the patch review, tomorrow Dec 18th 19:00 CET (10:00 AM PST), Nick Desaulniers is going to give a talk on compiling Linux Kernel for M68k using LLVM.
Please checkout http://m68k.info/ <http://m68k.info/> for more info about the live stream


> On Dec 4, 2020, at 1:03 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz at physik.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
> Hi Min!
> On 12/4/20 8:32 AM, Min-Yih Hsu wrote:
>> Another major update on this topic: currently I’ve addressed most of the feedbacks
>> on the Phabricator patches. (I think only one was left and that’s related to Windows,
>> but since our own buildbots only run non-Windows system I think it’s fine for now)
>> More importantly, I’ve fixed rest of the test failures, so now except one XFAIL test
>> case, which takes more time to fix it, M68k passes all of its tests now :-)
>> Personally, I think the M68k backend is in good shape to become an experimental LLVM backend.
>> Currently only Patch 7 (D88393) has Renato’s semi-LGTM, and he was also asking other
>> people’s opinion and LGTM. It would be great if anyone can help reviewing and approving
>> these patches.
>> The journey of getting M68k backend upstream has gone pretty far and again, I really
>> appreciate feedbacks and helps from reviewers and everyone on this thread!
> Congratulations on this important milestone and the fantastic work you delivered.
> I would have never expected that this effort would ever get this far, so I'm more
> than impressed and happy about the news.
> The backend is also already actively being used in another project, namely a compiler
> explorer instance which features various compilers for m68k including your LLVM
> port [1].
> And, secondly, Nick Desaulniers will be giving a short talk on December 18th, on our
> monthly m68k online meeting [2] where he will be talking about compiling the Linux
> kernel for m68k using your new LLVM backend :-).
> Adrian
>> [1] http://brownbot.mooo.com/
>> [2] http://m68k.info/
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