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Tue Dec 8 03:23:14 PST 2020

In Arm we are considering/discussing changing the semantics of storage-only type
__fp16 and we are looking for feedback on this. The motivation is that in A-profile,
architecture extension FP16 natively supports half-precision arithmetic. It is
also supported by SVE, and in M-profile MVE optionally supports it.

The problem is that float16_t is defined in the Arm C-Language Extensions
(ACLE) specification [1] as an alias for __fp16. Thus, using the float16_t /
__fp16 storage-only type which performs arithmetic in single-precision, we are
not taking advantage of the native half-precision FP16 instructions.

One obvious solution is to change the float16_t typedef in the ACLE from this:

  typedef __fp16 float16_t;

to use _Float16 instead of __fp16, where _Float16 is the type with
half-precision arithmetic semantics. An alternative is to change the semantics
of __fp16, and both approaches have their pros and cons:

Changing the semantics of __fp16 (approach A):
- Pros:
-- There is no ABI break.
-- Code that uses __fp16 also benefits from the more optimal implementation.
- Cons:
-- No type would retain the old __fp16 semantics.
-- We'd need to change the compiler frontends (both Clang and GCC).
-- Existing code could rely on current __fp16 behaviour.

Keeping the semantics of __fp16 (approach B):
- Pros:
-- People who want the old behaviour can use __fp16 directly.
-- We only need to change a typedef in a header file.
- Cons:
-- Changing float16_t requires an ABI break.
-- Code that directly uses __fp16 would not benefit from the new float16_t optimisation.

Deciding for one of these approaches is difficult as people may get
happy/unhappy either way and it is difficult to quantify this, which is why we
welcome any feedback on this from e.g. users of __fp16. If for example the
opinion is that breaking the ABI is a last resort, then that would point into the
direction of Approach A and changing the semantics of __fp16.

[1] https://developer.arm.com/documentation/101028/latest

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