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Hi folks,


It’s easy to see how memcpy (and other mem* functions) can cause
out-of-bounds reads/writes, such as in this simplified reproducer for a real
case we’ve seen:


   #include <string.h>

   struct S {

      int x;

      int xx;

      int y[];


   char dst[100];


   int main(void) {

      struct S src = {0};

      src.x = 9999;

      src.xx = 8888;

      memcpy(dst, &src, sizeof(struct S) + 1);



Here, the size argument to memcpy is clearly just wrong.  But consider that
when FAMs are in play (as is hinted at here), designers can get confused and
use the wrong size value – probably there are plenty of other circumstances
where such coding errors are easy to make, and not easy to spot during
review.  At present, CFE can’t catch this during compilation (unless I’ve
missed something).  It can be caught by the static analysis check
“alpha.unix.cstring.OutOfBounds” – but that’s rather late, rather costly,
and rather noisy (which I’m sure is why it’s an alpha check and not a core
check).  This seems like something that could be caught and flagged by
either a diagnostic or a tidy-check
   Is that reasonable?  If not, why not?






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