[cfe-dev] Insertion one AST node into another at particular location

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Do you need to use ASTImporter, or was that just a starting point?
LibTooling has a lot of support for editing code.  clang-tidy tends to be
the easiest place to start. Additionally, clang transformer can simplify
the code editing parts with "rewrite rules":

To your example, you'd write a matcher which identifies the node of
interest and then edit the code with something like
`insertAfter(node(IdBoundToInterestingNode), cat(...))`

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> Can I use ASTImporter for add some loop into function CompoundStatement node exactly in particular source location (or after some AST node between left bracket and right bracket)?
> Importer(ToUnit->getASTContext(), ToUnit->getFileManager(), FromUnit->getASTContext(), FromUnit->getFileManager(),
> Also
> It seems, I need to get ASTContext object from node "to", because ASTImporter constructor takes ASTContext "from" and "to"? But how can I do it having only "from" and "to" nodes ?
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