[cfe-dev] [RFC] Re-use OpenCL address space attributes for SYCL

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Hi Bevin,

Thank you for the head-up.
If we can commit this patch soon, we can easily limit conversion between default and OpenCL address spaces to SYCL mode to avoid any interference with OpenCL mode.
I think it's more preferable to do for the language mode to avoid overloading TargetInfo methods for all supported targets (currently SPIR and NVTPX).

John, Anastasia, does https://reviews.llvm.org/D62574 seem reasonable to you? If so, I can rebase my patch of top of this one.

Particularly this change makes it easier to define different behavior for different language modes:
"Moves QualType/Qualifiers accessors which deal with qualifier relations (such as compatiblyIncludes, etc.) to ASTContext, as Qualifiers cannot be made aware of the relations between address spaces on their own."


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>Treating the default address space as a superspace of some (all?) of the other address spaces is sensible and should definitely work.
>There are already predicates in the AST for deciding whether two address spaces are related this way; they probably need to be target-customizable, but that should be straightforward.

Just to chime in here; I have a patch for making address space relations target-configurable here: https://reviews.llvm.org/D62574 

/ Bevin

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