[cfe-dev] [analyzer][RFC] Get info from the LLVM IR for precision

John McCall via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Aug 13 21:46:49 PDT 2020

On 13 Aug 2020, at 10:15, Gábor Márton wrote:
> Artem, John,
> How should we proceed with this?
> John, you mention in the patch that this is a huge architectural 
> change.
> Could you please elaborate? Are you concerned about the additional 
> libs
> that are being linked to the static analyzer libraries? The clang 
> binary is
> already dependent on LLVM libs and on the CodeGen and CSA is builtin 
> to the
> clang binary. Are you concerned about having a MultiplexConsumer as an
> ASTConsumer? ... I am open to any suggestions, but I need more input
> from you.

Well, it’s adding a major new dependency to the static analyzer and a 
major new client to IRGen.  In both cases, the dependency/client happens 
to be another part of Clang, but still, it seems like a huge deal for 
static analysis to start depending on potentially arbitrary details of 
code generation and LLVM optimization.  It’s also pretty expensive.  
Is this really the most reasonable way to get the information you want?


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