[cfe-dev] RFC: Remove uninteresting debug locations at -O0

Adrian Prantl via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Apr 29 09:36:33 PDT 2020

Thanks to all of you for sharing your perspective! You all brought up important aspects that I hadn't considered. The argument that really clicked for me was Pavel's that you might want to change the value before the load happens.

One of my worries here is that what I called "less interesting" locations might delete more interesting ones when instructions and their locations are merged. But if we indeed consider the stack slot loads to be interesting then that is really the best we can do. After all, storing more than source location per instruction would be a UI design nightmare for a debugger.

Reid, I would like to learn more about what you mean by statement tracking. I'm thinking of a statements as the expressions separated by semicolons, but since my whole example was a single statement I'm assuming you have something more fine-grained in mind. Perhaps you can post an example to illustrate what you have in mind?

-- adrian

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