[cfe-dev] [analyzer] What is RangeSet::Negate idea

Denis Petrov via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Apr 6 08:22:49 PDT 2020

Hi, community.

Who can explain the main idea of RangeSet::Negate? And how does RangeSet ?work?

As I understand RangeSet may hold several constraint ranges (e.g. [MIN,10] U [20,30] U [40,MAX]) or may be empty (no constraints, in other words, holds everything [MIN, MAX]),

when MIN and MAX are kinda numeric_limits<type which corresponds to particular SymExpr?>::min/max().

Am I correct? If I am not, please explain.

P.S. fixed wrong subject format.

Denys Petrov
Senior ะก++ Developer | Kharkiv, Ukraine

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