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Thu Oct 3 15:17:27 PDT 2019


We would like to invite interested parties to participate in a round table devoted to SYCL support in LLVM/Clang.
Here is a preliminary list of topics we would like to cover:

  *   Upstreaming SYCL compiler
     *   Driver. Re-using clang "offloading" tools like bundler/wrapper.
     *   Diagnostics. How to diagnose errors in single source (host + device code) and utilize existing diagnostics if possible.
     *   SPIR-V target support.
     *   Handling address spaces. Address spaces in C++ code.
  *   SYCL runtime
     *   Upstreaming SYCL runtime library.
     *   Testing on accelerators. To test SYCL runtime library, we use enhanced version of LIT infrastructure. We added a new logic to the LIT scripts which allows test execution on OpenCL devices like GPU, FPGA and CPU, if they are detected in the system. It might be interesting to discuss ways to improve heterogenous systems support in LIT infrastructure.
  *   SYCL libraries
     *   Standard runtime libraries support on accelerators.
     *   Using static/dynamic libraries with the offload part.
  *   Interop with OpenMP.
     *   Discuss issues with using different frameworks in the same application. For instance, resource control, unified fat binary format and common driver options, interaction between runtime libraries.

If you are interested in these topics or you would like to bring your own, please, join the discussion to provide your feedback.

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