[cfe-dev] Quick question: how to check that Decl belongs to included file

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Thanks! That works. I was afraid it won't work for decls produced by macro expansions, but it works even in this case. So I defined header like this:

// Header.h

#define DEF_CLASS_C(A) class C { \
public: \
  static int get() { return A; } \


and then used it in main file:

// main.cpp

#include "Header.h"

And somehow it still detects that macro expansion was not from main file. It seems that macro expansion also belongs to file it was expanded in.


27.11.2019, 20:38, "Keane, Erich" <erich.keane at intel.com>:
> If you have access to the SourceManager (ASTContext has a reference to it), you can check whether it is the 'main file':
> https://clang.llvm.org/doxygen/classclang_1_1SourceManager.html
> check isInMainFile to make sure it isn't in the original .c/.cpp/.whatever file. You can also check whether it is in a system header or in the 'builtin' 'file'.
> Anything that isn't in the Main or 'builtin' files I would expect to have come in via a module import or #include.
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> Hi folks! I'm currently trying to check whether declaration belongs to included file by #include directive.
> I'm currently about to call Decl::getLocation() and run through bunch of checks with FileID and MacroID. But perhaps there is exist similar function or method?
> Thanks!
> -Stepan
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