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Sun Nov 10 08:32:34 PST 2019

Please enjoy this clang 7.0.0 fork:

https://github.com/drec357/clang-meta <https://github.com/drec357/clang-meta>

This reflection implementation reflects just about the entire clang AST, and lets you use clang syntax/names in *regular, non-clang* C++ code:

namespace ns { class MyClass { float f; }; }
constexpr {
	FOR ( (Decl *D) : reflexpr(ns::MyClass)->decls()) {
		if (auto_ FD = dyn_cast<FieldDecl>(D))
	//As for meta-parsing:
	__queue_metaparse("static const int i = ");
	constexpr int ival = __metaparse_expr(__concatenate("3", 2+2), int);

} // queued metatparses performed here…

static_assert(i = 34);

Plus you can define clang-style diagnostics and FixItHints, using reflected SourceLocations, in your regular, non-clang code.

Please adapt to any uses you see fit!  I would love to see this way in the C++ standards, much more general and low-maintenance than the proposals I’ve seen, but I sense that will be an uphill battle.  Please let me know if you would support this way of doing reflection/metaprogramming, or have suggestions on how to proceed.

David Rector
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