[cfe-dev] Unresolved bug with arm neon instructions

via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Nov 9 11:03:17 PST 2019

Hi, the bug 39087 opened more than a year ago is still unresolved.

I have this code:

#include <arm_neon.h>

#define vroti_epi32(x, i)                                         \
        (i < 0 ? vsliq_n_u32(vshrq_n_u32(x, 32 - i), x, i)        \
               : vsriq_n_u32(vshlq_n_u32(x, 32 + i), x, -i))

int main()
	uint32x4_t x = vdupq_n_u32(42);
	uint32x4_t value = vroti_epi32(x, 12);

	return 0;

with clang 8.0.7 and other versions there is an error on compilation. With gcc all works without issue.
Could you fix this bug?

Thank you

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