[cfe-dev] -ferror-limit=1 by default?

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> Hi All!
> Replying to John here on twitter:
> https://twitter.com/echristo/status/1192506726920011776
> where he was noticing the helpfulness of -ferror-limit=1 as making a
> huge usability difference. I acknowledge that being able to do good
> error recovery and keep going is useful in some cases, but for day to
> day interactive this might be a better usability default? Especially
> with the compiler fast enough for the edit/compile cycle?
> Thoughts? Shall we do this?

This feels like a case where interactive use and build-system use
might want different defaults, because the overhead of a starting up
a big build is typically a lot higher.  Would this be an imposition 
on all the build systems out there, that for usability they would have 
to set a higher error-limit?

> -eric
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