[cfe-dev] Converting from Visual C++

John Emmas via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Nov 5 04:55:44 PST 2019

Hi there - as a long time Visual C++ dev I've grown increasingly 
frustrated with its lack of cross-platform support and someone suggested 
I should look at Clang. My first encounter was with a product called 
"C++ Builder" (by Embarcadero) though AFAICT its not a compiler in its 
own right. It's more of an intelligent IDE which wraps around Clang.

So this got me wondering if Clang already has its own IDE? Or if there 
are others I should look at too (Eclipse maybe - or Code::Blocks?)  If I 
do make the move to Clang I'd have over 90 x VC++ projects to convert. 
So an IDE which can import (or convert) from VC++ project files would be 
particularly interesting. Any suggestions gratefully received!!

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