[cfe-dev] bool type is represented as "_Bool" in the AST

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Tue Jul 23 07:51:13 PDT 2019

Are you compiling as C, or c++?  C++ should give you “bool”, since it is the type, however if you’re using C, “bool” is likely typedef’ed to “_Bool”, so that’s the type you’re getting.

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Subject: [cfe-dev] bool type is represented as "_Bool" in the AST

Dear Clang-developer community,
    I am using libTooling to query information about the source. While querying the string representation of the bool type, I get "_Bool" string. I got the string from QualType::getAsString(). Should I be using another function to query the actual type or is it an expected behavior?

    I don't get _Bool when dumping the ast except when I dump the QualType Node.

clang Version: 9.0
LLVM Version: 9.0

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