[cfe-dev] [lldb-dev] Reminder: SVN will be retired on Oct 21, 2019 -- Please migrate your workflows to github ASAP.

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Fri Jul 12 10:29:35 PDT 2019

Hi Tom,

Thanks for driving this!  It's a big project and it's great to see
the progress being made on it. My org's adaptation to the monorepo
is in progress as we speak.

I had two hopefully easy questions.
1) Can we get a link to the status page from the llvm.org front page?
   That will make it a lot easier to find in the future.
2) I assume everyone will need to have a GitHub account; is there any
   story needing to be told about correlating a GitHub account with
   our current SVN IDs?  I don't even have a GH account at this point,
   don't know what's involved in signing up.


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