[cfe-dev] Getting SubstTemplateTypeParmType Template Info

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Thu Jul 4 15:11:16 PDT 2019


Given the below input to clang tooling, when I traverse ParameterMap's
type, I get that std::map is a template specialization, with two nested
template specializations, std::basic_string.  Therefore I can extract the
information I'm looking for.
#include <map>

using String = std::string;
using ParameterMap = std::map<String, String>;

If we take the indirection one step further with this input to clang tooling
#include <map>

template <typename K, typename V> using Map = std::map<K, V>;
using String = std::string;
using ParameterMap = Map<String, String>;

ParameterMap someFunc() { return ParameterMap(); }

then String is now a SubstTemplateTypeParmType.  If I desugar that, I get
that String is a record rather than a template specialization, so I cannot
get the template types of String.  Is that intended?  How can I get the
template information for String in this case?

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