[cfe-dev] Renaming the install-clang-headers target

Shoaib Meenai via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Feb 20 16:05:30 PST 2019

The install-clang-headers target in Clang today installs Clang's resource directory headers (the contents of lib/clang/$VERSION/include). This is inconsistent with LLVM's install-llvm-headers target, which installs the headers corresponding to LLVM's libraries.

Clang does install its library headers when you perform a full install, but there's currently no target to specifically just install these headers (e.g. as part of a distribution). I'm attempting to add one in https://reviews.llvm.org/D58317, and it would be natural to name this target install-clang-headers to mirror the corresponding LLVM target, but of course that name is already taken by the resource headers install target.

One option would be to rename the existing install-clang-headers target to something like install-clang-resource-headers, and then switch install-clang-headers to installing the library headers. This would require end users to update their build scripts, and anyone who didn't update their build scripts would just silently install the wrong thing (though that would presumably lead to errors later on when actually trying to use the installed toolchain). I'm posting here to ask if such a switch would be acceptable to users of this target, and what I can do to announce and ease the transition (besides just a PSA to the mailing lists).

Another option would be to accept the inconsistency between LLVM and Clang's target names, leave the existing install-clang-headers target alone, and come up with a new name for the clang target to install its library headers. I'm not completely happy with any of the names I've been able to come up with, though install-clang-library-headers seems like an okay option.
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