[cfe-dev] Accessing number of template parameter for a record type

Awanish Pandey via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sat Dec 7 00:11:53 PST 2019

Dear all,

I want to access the number of parameters given to a template class during
object creation in *collectTemplateParams*() ( in CGDebugInfo.cpp).

foo<int,>        a; // I want 1
foo<int,char> b; // I want 2
assuming *foo* is template class and its default parameters are <*char,char*

In  *collectTemplateParams*(), I can find actual number of parameters,
which is after desugaring the *templateSpecialization* type.

Is there any way that can give me the parameters count?

Thanking You
Awanish Pandey
IIT Kanpur
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