[cfe-dev] Clang seems to prefer copy-ctor

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Thu Nov 15 20:50:04 PST 2018


When initialising class members with braces, it seems Clang doesn't have
the same behaviour as GCC/MSVC. GCC and MSVC try to use the
initializer-list-constructor if defined, where Clang appears to be using
the copy-constructor.

My guess is that copy elision is what might be causing this behaviour. Is
it correct, or is this a bug?

For the way I'm using it, the initializer-list-constructor behaves quite
differently to the copy-constructor and triggered completely different
behaviour between Clang and the other compilers.

Super keen to hear any thoughts.


Repro case:

struct ContainedObj {
    ContainedObj() = default;
    ContainedObj(ContainedObj const& other) { std::cout << this << ": copy
ctor" << std::endl; }
    ContainedObj(std::initializer_list<ContainedObj>) { std::cout << this
<< ": il ctor" << std::endl; }

struct WithBraces {
    ContainedObj mContained;
    explicit WithBraces(ContainedObj const& contained) :
mContained{contained} {}

struct WithBrackets {
    ContainedObj mContained;
    explicit WithBrackets(ContainedObj const& contained) :
mContained(contained) {}

ContainedObj a;
WithBrackets b(a);
WithBrackets c{a};
WithBraces d(a);
WithBraces e{a};

Output on MSVC 2017 and g++ 6.3.0:
00F3FA6B: copy ctor
00F3FA5F: copy ctor
00F3F887: copy ctor
00F3FAF3: il ctor
00F3F887: copy ctor
00F3FA47: il ctor

Clang output:
0x7ffeefbff580: copy ctor
0x7ffeefbff578: copy ctor
0x7ffeefbff570: copy ctor
0x7ffeefbff568: copy ctor
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