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Wed Mar 28 12:29:04 PDT 2018

HIP is a language similar to CUDA (https://github.com/ROCm-Developer-Tools/HIP/blob/master/docs/markdown/hip_kernel_language.md  ).
The language syntax is very similar, which allows a hip program to be compiled as a CUDA program by Clang. The main difference
is the host API. HIP has a set of vendor neutral host API which can be implemented on different platforms. Currently there is open source
implementation of HIP runtime on amdgpu target (https://github.com/ROCm-Developer-Tools/HIP ).

We have a working implementation of HIP compiler based on clang thanks to Greg Rodgers' work and we would like to upstream it. As an initial step, we created a Phabricator
Review https://reviews.llvm.org/D44984 for adding support of file type hip and language option HIP.

When hip file is compiled, both LangOpts.CUDA and LangOpts.HIP is turned on. This allows compilation of hip program as CUDA
in most cases and only special handling of hip program is needed LangOpts.HIP is checked.

This patch also adds support of kernel launching of HIP program using HIP host API.

The next patch will be the toolchain changes to support HIP. Basically HIP has its own open source header files and device libraries which may be ported to different targets/platforms.

We plan to continue upstreaming our support of HIP until it becomes mature enough to support major machine learning applications ported to HIP, e.g. TensorFlow https://github.com/ROCmSoftwarePlatform/tensorflow .
Any comments are welcome.


Yaxun (Sam) Liu
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