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Mon Jul 9 15:49:48 PDT 2018

Dear Clang Developers,

     I am trying to do a little bit of history diving. Back in 2010
clang::Optional was moved to llvm::Optional, and has since then maintained
its current interface with minor fixes / changes here and there.

     I was interested in finding out the initial motivation for
clang::Optional, and what features it wanted to support. In particular,
clang::Optional doesn't feature support for references, and a few other
minor things that differ from the dominating optional implementation around
the time of its transition and inception: boost::optional. This is one of
the only optionals of its time that publicly made its own design decision,
before "because the proposal / standard told me so" was a valid reason for
doing so.

     Does anyone know if clang::Optional's design was discussed at all? Or
if there are any archives for said discussion? This is a bit of an
archaeology question, but I was hoping I could get answers nonetheless!

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