[cfe-dev] Unexpected error when compiling for ANSI C89

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Hi CFE-Devs,

When I compile the following tiny test with '-std=c89' ('clang -std=c89 -c xxx.c'):
foo(x) {
I get the following error message:
xxx.c:2:3: error: non-void function 'foo' should return a value [-Wreturn-type]
1 error generated.

But for ANSI C89, this is legal, and it is a really common pattern to have a return with no value, even though the return type is implicitly 'int', especially when K&R syntax is used:

Section The return statement, Semantics, paragraph 3
If a return statement without an expression is executed, and the value of the function call is used by the caller, the behaviour is undefined.  reaching the } that terminates a function is equivalent to executing a return statement without an expression.

Yet the following results in a warning and not an error:
foo(x) {
I get the following perfectly reasonable warning:
xxx.c:2:1: warning: control reaches end of non-void function [-Wreturn-type]
1 warning generated.

When compiling for ANSI C89, I think that the first example should also result in a warning and not an error.


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