[cfe-dev] Add -fno-plt,-fplt to ignored flags

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Fri Jul 7 06:30:17 PDT 2017

It's also for convenience those users which want to use clang instead gcc which is the default compiler. This way they could change it easily without breakage. The list of ignored flags for gcc compatibility already exist with many entries so why don't use it in that case? There are no security consequences when this flag is silently ignored. On the other hand clang already added fstack-check flag to ignore list which could mislead users as it have security implications as shoved in " stack-clash".
I reverse your question - what's the reason to not add it to the list? It doesn't interfere with anything. Some users will benefit and others wouldn't care. I understand that you personally aren't interested but please think about others who are.
Jordan Glover

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> Subject: Re: [cfe-dev] Add -fno-plt,-fplt to ignored flags
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> On Fri, Jul 07, 2017 at 08:26:14AM -0400, Jordan Glover wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply.
>> -fno-plt flag is going to be used as default build flag for every
>> package available in Archlinux [1]. There were concerns about that
>> change breaking clang but it was decided to add patch similar as mine
>> [2]. Also some developers advised to submit such patch upstream [3][4].
> So clang should this flag because Archlinux can"t do compiler-specific
> flag definitions and want to push a questionable flag everywhere? Sorry
> if I"m a bit sarcastic, but that doesn"t sound like a very good reason.
> Joerg
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