[cfe-dev] Setting default dialect to C++11

Robinson, Paul via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Fri Feb 24 12:33:05 PST 2017

Is it about time to advance Clang's default C++ dialect to C++11?
It has been stuck on 98/03 for quite some time now.

Charles Li has been doing a lot of patient work for a long time to get
Clang's lit tests to be compatible with C++11.  There are only 16 tests
that still need to be reviewed:


Once those are in, we should be able to update the default.

Even if it is not time to update the default for everyone, I would
*really* LOVE to set the default dialect for the PS4 target.  That
would at least make sure there is no future back-sliding with regards
to future test changes, because our public PS4-target bots will catch
those cases.  But, those last 16 tests need to be fixed up before we
can do that.

Anybody willing to give some LGTM on the tests, we'd be very grateful.
And any thoughts about upgrading the default for everyone, rather than
just for PS4, would also be welcome.


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