[cfe-dev] [RFC] Adding support for the flang toolchain

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Sun Dec 17 21:02:37 PST 2017

Hi all,

As you may recall, the flang compiler by PGI is a new frontend for LLVM
that, unlike past efforts, has the potential provide equal or even superior
fortran support compared to other compilers (such as gfortran).

To add support for this new compiler, PGI needed to make certain
modifications to the drivers that clang supports, particularly to allow
clang to invoke the fortran frontend executables and the linker with the
correct command-line arguments. We (myself as a lowly contributor and PGI)
think that it makes sense to push these modifications upstream to ease and
consolidate clang maintenance.

To be absolutely clear, this would NOT introduce a new burden on clang
maintainers to also support a fortran compiler. To the extent that this
would introduce a new burden, it would be limited to maintaining a stable
command-line interface to the fortran frontend executables, the same as has
been done for something like ‘link.exe’.

Please excuse incorrect formatting, as I am new to the cfe-dev list.
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