[cfe-dev] [StaticAnalyzer] Changing the loop widening functionality & measurements

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Mon Aug 28 08:46:51 PDT 2017

Hello everyone,

I am working on loop modeling improvements in the Static Analyzer and sent
recently some patches on loop widening. (D36690
There is already a widening solution (widen-loops config) which invalidates
every MemRegion in the process. My version only widen loops which meets
specific requirements (e.g. does not contain any pointers). It is hidden
behind a new flag 'widen-loops-conservative'. (It is conservative in the
sense that it only widen specific loops.)

In general case the difference of the 2 version is:
widen-loops Invalidate everything
widen-loops-conservative Only invalidate modified variables

But a huge difference when there are pointers (most precisely if it
encounters a statement which can result a modified variable but it is not
handled yet):
widen-loops Invalidate everything
widen-loops-conservative Invalidate nothing (don't widen)

I thought the new flag is necessary since this two options are very
different. However, Sean (who created the current version of widening in
D12358 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D12358>) suggested to replace the
'loop-widening' option with the new functionality. For considering this I
collected the relevant statistics (note: the 'widen-loops' config
encountered some crashes on C++ projects so the statistics are only
collected on the files which has passed):
*Widen *states for the current implementation*, Widen v2 *states for the
new (D36690 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D36690>) implementation.

Coverage measurements (% of reachable basic blocks statistics)

curl libpng vim bitcoin ffmpeg xerces
Normal 58.05 55.07 51.12 69.37 49.78 74.86
Widen 75.8 56.69 51.54 72.06 65.63 76.06
Widen v2 70.7 55.92 51.77 69.67 59.53 75.04
The number of founded bugs:

curl libpng vim bitcoin ffmpeg xerces
Normal 35 32 81 9 375 52
Widen 35 36 94 12 456 57
Widen v2 27 34 84 10 369 51

The new findings are mostly resulted by the invalidation process and not
the coverage increasement. So in general they are false positives which was
founded by invalidating the informations (on MemRegions) we have.

Although there is a small observable coverage loss it's offset by the
number of the false positives not discovered.
In conclusion it would be beneficial to replace the current implementation
of the 'widen-loops' option.

What do you think?

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