[cfe-dev] libClang C++ method qualifier problems

barbara via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Mar 28 01:20:14 PDT 2016

Last month I asked a question about locating the C++ standard headers on 
Windows. Moving to clang 3.7.1 helped greatly in solving this issue.

At this point we have the AST and a visitor callback.  We can navigate 
through a good deal of the clang parsing however we are running into 
numerous problems. Given cursor kind is equal to CXCursor_CXXMethod, the 
following does not work for a volatile qualified method.

CXType type  = clang_getCursorType(cursor);
bool isVolatile = clang_isVolatileQualifiedType(type);

isVolatile is always false.

We are running into similar issues with final, default, delete, 
explicit, inline, and noexcept.

If anyone has any working code or suggestions for detecting these 
keywords using Cursors, your help would be greatly appreciated.



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