[cfe-dev] New buildbot with -Werror

David Jones via cfe-dev cfe-dev at lists.llvm.org
Tue Mar 22 17:00:28 PDT 2016


I would like to propose adding a buildbot which builds with -Werror. The
reason for a new buildbot in this configuration is twofold:

1. It helps users who track and release from ToT, because they (generally)
seem to build with -Werror. Speaking from experience :-), new warnings tend
to crop up in a large range of commits, and end up blocking one or more of
these downstream users. These users also seem to span several
organizations, which makes coordination difficult.

1a. The current buildbots do not build with -Werror so that they will run
tests even if warnings are generated. It may or may not be reasonable to
enable -Werror by default for buildbots at some point in the future, but I
don't think it's quite reasonable to do so yet (judging based on the rate
at which new warnings seem to get added, that would leave too many
buildbots broken). Adding a buildbot in the -Werror configuration should
help to inform any such future changes.

2. It helps users who develop without -Werror (either by conscious choice
or by oversight). Commits which inadvertently add warnings often seem to
get reverted; however, if a buildbot can deliver warnings quickly, the
committer can submit a small fix right away.

I have uploaded a diff to Phabricator, however I ask to please keep
high-level comments on this thread:

This build would be owned and monitored by Google.

If there are no strong objections in the next few days, I will go ahead
with this plan.

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