[cfe-dev] We really need more community involvement with GSoC

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Fri Mar 18 09:33:13 PDT 2016

Will it be possible to set up some infrastructure to reduce the amount of
work involved in being a mentor?

I am not qualified to be a mentor yet, but would like to help with code
reviews and maybe assist students with general problems faced in the
initial stages of working on a large codebase.

On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 2:54 PM, Chandler Carruth via cfe-dev <
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> Anton let me know that while we're seeing some pretty good GSoC proposals
> (or at least quite good starting points), we're still really short on
> mentors.
> Please, everyone, consider if you have the expertise and could find the
> bandwidth to mentor a GSoC student. If so, contact Anton and he'll set you
> up.
> Second, if you cannot be a GSoC mentor, please help the GSoC proposals
> turn into excellent proposals so that the students are set up for success.
> If at all possible, please try to prioritize this over the next few weeks.
> Search on the def lists for GSoC and try to help the proposals shape up.
> That's the short of it. Please help. Now I want to tell you a story if
> you're still reading. ;]
> Why should you care about GSoC? Hard to say. But I can tell you why *I*
> care desperately for GSoC.
> You see, without GSoC I would literally not be working on LLVM, and I'm
> not sure Google would be involved with LLVM to the same extent. That's
> because a long time ago, I was naive, idiotic student who thought LLVM was
> cool but didn't even know how to program very well.
> I learned how to actually contribute to LLVM usefully entirely because of
> GSoC. And then I got my job at Google largely because of having worked with
> some Google engineers during that GSoC on LLVM. Without this, I would
> *literally not be where I am*, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had
> this opportunity.
> For me, this is why I care so much about GSoC. The chance to have that
> impact on someone's life is too incredibly. And so, for me, anything I can
> do to help cause this kind of opportunity be available for the next round
> of engineers is, IMO, amazingly valuable.
> Anyways, maybe this inspires some of you to make the extra effort. I know
> it is a *ton* of work, but it may well end up being one of the most
> impactful ways to contribute.
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